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1. Summary of the care and services we provide.

Tabor Crest II RCF – Alzheimer’s Endorsed Facility – Provides all state required services for residents diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Our services include general assistance with activities of daily living, food service which includes modified special diets as necessary, medication administration assistance, housekeeping services and in facility social and recreational activities. We assist our residents to outside appointments by assisting with scheduling transportation for these appointments.
We are intended to serve independent ambulatory residents, residents that use assisted devices, canes or walkers, and residents who use wheelchairs that can bear weight.
We are providing two persons transferring.
Tabor Crest II RCF provides care to cognitively impaired residents with behavioral disturbances. The resident needs to be manageable by providing interventions such as: redirection, reorientation, engagement in activities, one on one for short time periods, pain management and any triggers of discomfort, and supervision. The resident must respond to interventions and not be a threat to self or others.
Tabor Crest II RCF provides care for residents who are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 who are on oral medication for their diabetes in conjunction with Their Alzheimer’s /Dementia diagnosis.

2. Summary explanation of the types of care and services we do not provide.

Tabor Crest II RCF – Alzheimer’s Endorsed Facility – Does not provide following services on a routine basis:

  • Medically complex diets beyond the required modified special diets.
  • Care for residents that require clinical monitoring of their weight: “Daily Weight” per Doctors orders.
  • Care for residents who require nutrition via a feeding tube.
  • Care for residents that require medication via IV administration.
  • Care for clients that have a urostomy or colostomy.
  • Care for residents who are on dialysis.
  • Care for residents with aggressive behaviors that impose a threat to self or others.

Tabor Crest II RCF – Alzheimer’s Endorsed Facility does not accept residents who smoke.

Tabor Crest II RCF – Alzheimer’s Endorsed Facility does not provide outings, transportation for residents or provide escorts for any resident appointments.

Medications and incontinent supplies are not included in our price; however, we do administrate medications and provide incontinent care.

3. If your needs exceed the care and services we provide, we may ask you to move out.

When your needs exceed the care and services we provide, we will meet with you to discuss the circumstances and attempt to determine the most appropriate care plan and setting to meet your needs and level of care. If we cannot properly care for you at our community due to increased needs, we may ask you to move out to a more appropriate setting. If an agreement is not reached and attempts to resolve the issue are not successful, we may give you an involuntary move-out notice.

4. If you leave our community to receive acute medical, psychiatric or other skilled care we will con conduct evaluation before you retune to our community.

Before you return to our community a qualified staff person will re-evaluate your condition to determine if our community is able to meet your needs. If we determine we can no longer meet your needs, we will issue you an involuntary move out notice. You will not be permitted to return to our community. We will notify you of this determination as soon as possible before you leave the acute care or other setting.

5. You have the right to ask for an Administrative Hearing if you disagree with our decision to issue you an involuntary move out notice.

The requirements for requesting a hearing can be found on the Administrative Hearing Request Form MSC 0443. You also may contact the Oregon Long term Care Ombudsman for assistance in requesting a hearing. The phone number for the office is: 800-522-6202 or 503-378-6533.

6. This is how we arrange and coordinate hospice care:

Tabor Crest II RCF will adjust the care and provide care for residents on hospice. Tabor Crest II will work with hospice providers to choose on hospice care if you or your representative request it.

When admitting new residents into our facility, Tabor Crest II will not discriminate against national origin, race, color, creed or gender.

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